Where to buy pies in Charlottesville, VA?
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Where to buy pies in Charlottesville, VA?

Where can I get a good pie in Charlottesville, VA? My favorites are apple and Key lime, but I'm always up for trying more exotic ones, too.

Feel free to mention bakeries that sell whole pies, restaurants that serve pie for dessert or any where else where pies are sold!
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- Hot Cakes in Barracks Road
- Chandler's Bakery in Albemarle Square.
- Albemarle Baking Company, 418 W. Main (tarts, not pies).
- Blue Moon diner (512 W. Main, downtown, nearish the train station) - I believe they serve pie.
- Whole Foods on 29.
- All of the other grocery stores, of course. (The Mennonite communities in the area often sell their baked goods to grocery stores. I mainly remember seeing them with outside tables in the summer, but I do think it's a year-round thing- maybe limited only to shoo fly pie in the winter).

Also, I haven't been to any of the farmer's markets lately, but I imagine there would be pies.

Basically, Charlottesville is, on a reflection, a very pie-y city. But the first three are probably your best bets.
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You really should try the pies from BreadWorks* on Preston Avenue (in the same little shopping center with Integral Yoga, Mona Lisa Pasta, Sticks, etc.). I don't think they make key lime, but they have beautiful peach, blackberry, cherry, blueberry, and other fruit-filled pies. Also, the fresh fruit tarts are indescribably delicious.

The farmers' market will resume on the first Saturday of April, and yes, there will be pies. (Possibly not in the first few weeks of the season, but by late May or June, definitely.)

* That link isn't working for me at the moment--here's the Yelp page for BreadWorks.
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If Mel's is still around, their sweet potato pie is fantastic. They're on W. Main Street near where Starr Hill Restaurant used to be.

I would be surprised if they didn't have pies early on in the Farmer's market, because when they first start out there just isn't all that much produce, but there are plenty of ingredients for pies. Go for the Menonites: I really like their shoo-fly pie.
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