Useful holiday phrases for Pacific Rim trip
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Holiday phrase book: As a leaving present for a girl travelling to Fiji, Singapore, Japan, and the Philipines, I want to make a book containing some useful phrases. Anyone help me translate them into the languages, or suggest more phases? (MI)

As she's a woman on her own, the "useful" phrases I have are 1) Please feed me beer. (2) You're very handsome, but actually I'm a lesbian. (3) Do you know where there's a toilet? (Urgently) (4) My husband will be here in 10 minutes. He's a champion boxer. (5) I am not American.
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the words (with pronunciation guides) for:

thank you
in front of
how much?
as many numbers as possible
what time?
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Point it! is a language-free guidebook based on pictures/diagrams and it's nice and small. Lots of thoughts been put into it. I have to admit that I've never field tested it, but it's a cool little book anyway.
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If you can find a copy, Languages of Asia and the Pacific : a travellers' phrasebook, by C.L. Hamblin, includes the languages of all those places, with both brief phonetic/grammatical sketches and long lists of words and phrases; I highly recommend it.
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