What's on my iPod?
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How can I sort my iTunes library by "songs I've already added to my iPod"?

Every sorting option is available, including comment, kind, and ringtone... I've got over 4,000 songs in my library, and only 25% of them on my iPod..

Is there a way I can see, while viewing my library, what songs are already on my iPod?
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I do not think so, no. Sorry.
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What I do is I have my iphone only sync music from a playlist. You can then make an itunes "smart playlist" which shows you music not in the iphone/ipod playlist. This makes for good browsing.
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I believe iTunes contains a playlist or playlists listing what's on your iPod, right? That's how the syncing happens?

If that's true, you can create a new smart playlist that shows only songs which are NOT contained in any of the already-on-the-iPod playlists.

That should show you everything in your library which is not currently on your iPod.

I don't believe there's a way to show, in a single list, "on iPod" and "not on iPod" status.
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oh, shoulda previewed!
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What works for me when trying to keep my tunes fresh is to use multiple directories. One with all songs on it. One for songs that I transfer and then move to a backup directory. So I have a complete list and then directories for songs on and songs not on my player.
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I have a playlist for my iPod, and I sync the device to that playlist. And then I have another playlist called "Newly Added Not on iPod", which has songs added since X date where playlist is not "For iPod".
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