Honey moon help please!
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Trying to plan a two week, multi-destination honeymoon and need suggestions!

This is in followup to this question I posted several months ago. The idea is that since the fiance will be doing most of the wedding planning, I will completely plan the honey moon. I will only be telling her about the climates (for clothing) and to bring her passport.

I am thinking Europe since we both love Paris and the SO loves Germany. My plan is to fly over and rent a house by the coast in the Greek isles (looking for specific suggestions), stay there for 5 days or so, head up to Venice for three days, and then finish in Amsterdam for the last 6 days. I think the time in Greece would be fairly relaxing and is a place we have wanted to visit. For me, Paris was my only travel to Europe, so I am definitely open to and looking for other suggestions.

I guess my big concern is the complexity and time eaten up by travel. There are dozens of places in europe we would be thrilled to visit, so please advise if others are easier/better to string together. My one request from the bride to be was to stop in at least one place that is warm (beach focus). I plan on using trip advisor once I have a better idea of where to go.

I have a good bit of time to save so the budget is flexible, Monaco is probably out though. We currently live in Philadelphia if it matters.
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Greek isles: I'm a big fan of Naxos, although I would just stay in a hotel in the old town and not bother with a house.

The most important thing to think about in the Greek islands is whether you want a party island or not. I've never dared go to Ios midsummer, but it is supposed to be quite a scene. Naxos, on the other hand, is pretty relaxed all year round.
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It may seem a bit too mainstream, but consider a cruise. It could solve several problems for you. You can combine a range of destinations with no travel hassles getting from place to place, your lodging is covered, and there are a range of ships to meet every budget & demographic. I would suggest flying to Amsterdam, then on to Venice. Choose an ship visiting the Eastern Mediterranean leaving from Venice for a great honeymoon experience -- read reviews of different lines to get an idea of what to expect.
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tkolar: Thanks for the advice on the isles, we are looking for a laid back place.

Anelsewhere: We have cruised before. I really enjoyed it, and while the fiance generally liked it, she felt too rushed with the 8-12 hours in each port. I am sure we will do it again, but probably not for the honeymoon. Thanks.
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OK, if I am to larify: are you asking for suggestions for places to visit (a 2 week itinerary) that would minimize travel time, include a beach location, including a Greek island specifically?

If you really want to see Venice AND spend a lot of time in AMS, the choice really comes down to which Greek Island you want to visit, because you've already used up about 9 days of a 2 week vacation.

I would suggest the following itinerary if you are interested in classical civilizations:

PHL -> Rome. Spend 3 days in Rome, especially if you haven't been. Or PHL->Venice of course if it is a must.
Rome -> Athens-> Santorini. Though you can visit the Parthenon, etc, you'll probably want to get out of Athens as quickly as possible, get connecting flight to Santorini. Spend 3 nights in Santorini. Why Santorini? It's not really a 'beach' location, but it is beautiful and has a certain honeymoon quality. Fantastic views, interesting history.
Santorini -> Crete. Yes, really. Enjoy the beach, the ruins at Knossos. It is where the Greeks go for real, laid back island and there is a lot you could explore. At least 2-3 nights, if not more.
Crete -> Amsterdam. 6 days (?) That's a lot of time for Amsterdam. Unless you know people there, consider cutting this down.
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Thank you. Itinerary does not have to include a greek island, but should include a beach locale. I always pictured renting one of those places on a cliff overlooking the water.

So you are saying Rome for 3 days (we have not been), followed by Santorini for 3 nights, then 3 nights in Crete, and then amsterdam for the remainder?
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Definitely go to Rome. Skip Crete if you have no time. :)
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