Twitter in NYC?
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I'm moving to New York City; is there anything good I can follow on Twitter?

I live in Houston, and there are a number of excellent people/organizations around that use Twitter. My favorite example is The Coffee Groundz, a great coffee place/bar that twitters constantly about events they're having, specials they're offering, and even lets you order via twitter.

Other examples include arts organizations (Spacetaker, Nova Arts Project, Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Orange Show etc...), other restaurants (Saute), a local food columnist (Alison Cook), local weather (ABC 13 Weather), and so on.

I'm looking for NYC equivalents of this type of Twitter-ing, other useful/creative local uses of Twitter in New York, or even just the important NYC twitterati. For some reason I thought I would be easily able to find this stuff, but I guess I don't know what to look for yet. I sort of just stumbled into most of the above.

Googling found me The Shake Shack (neat!), and Gothamist (nice but really just their RSS feed), and not a lot else.

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You may be interested in Serious Eats New York (their website is pretty good too).
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You can always try some search terms in the Twitter Search.

Here are a few I have in my list:

1010WINS Radio News

NewYorkTechJobs (Not sure if you work in a tech field or not)


MTA Service Alerts
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hey, another h-town transplant.

here's a few:

the wafel truck twitters its location
shake shack posts updates about the length of the usually epically serpentine line (which may no longer be useful, as they've just started taking phone orders!)
the whitney museum (and most every other major museum)
the new york historical society
newyorkology is a nice catch-all
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