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Music not on the NFL Films compilation CDs, played during the NFL Films production of Super Bowl 18(XVIII). What is the name of this song played behind John Facenda's narration of the Raiders versus the Redskins?

There are other songs like this as well, that appear in the NFL Films productions that don't show up on their compilation CDs.

1) What is that song?
2) Is there a directory of the music played during NFL Films SB productions somewhere?
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Wow, this one has been sitting around a long time. Here's my take.

It sounds like royalty-free music, such as is provided by companies like Digital Juice. See here for examples of their Sports Staxx music.
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Final update from the OP:
It's this. A variant of Sam Spence's Danger. Been wondering that since the 80's. I found it because I was up browsing around on spotify.
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