What is this vacation spot?
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What and where is this ultra expensive vacation spot that I've only seen on tv and can't remember the name of?

It's a series of wood huts, out in the water, with walkways between them. The huts are pretty much open air, with walls only needed for basic privacy. The water is crystal clear blue, and the sand a pale, movie scene, yellow. It's a vacation spot for the ultra rich, very secluded via price and location (I believe).

Any ideas? If so, where is it, what is it called and how much does it cost to stay there?
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I think it's the Maldives.
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Sorry, that was unhelpful: it's an archipelago republic in the Indian Ocean. Visit Maldives.
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Necker Island?
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Or the Four Seasons at Bora Bora?
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Sorry, correct link for above.
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Sounds like many places in the South Pacific.
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Another vote for the Maldives: Taj Exotica Resort & Spa
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How about Le Taha'a in Tahiti?
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There's lots of places like that. Fiji, Tahiti, Bora-Bora, and even some Caribbean spots have bungalows over the water like that.
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Seconding the French Maldives.

I've seen this question elsewhere on the internets and it always leads back to the French Maldives.
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I also think it's the Maldives.
I have a page-a-day island calendar and I think this place may be on a day that has already passed. I'll have to check tomorrow at the office.
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Try Overwater-bungalows.com for a pretty extensive list. Anthony Bourdain stayed at the Kia Ora on the French Polynesia episode of No Reservations.
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To clarify, this was ultra secluded, where ONE person or group or family had access to a series of bungalows that were off by themselves. So Four Seasons at Bora Bora looks nice, but with the bungalows so close together, that can't be the place I'm thinking of.

This spot might have been profiled on Cribs or Vacation spots of the rich and famous or a similar show. Necker Island seems close to what I'm remembering.
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It's a resort called Naladhu. It's in the Maldives.

There is also a sister resort called Antantara or something like that.

You would first fly to into Dubai . That's the stopover.
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Its in Bora Bora, in Thaiti Le Meridien.
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My boss got married at a place like that in Bora Bora.
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When my wife and I were researching places in the Maldives for our honeymoon, there were a couple like what you're describing, admittedly way out of our price range.

You would first fly to into Dubai . That's the stopover.

We flew right in from London. And through Colombo in Sri Lanka on our return flight.

Sorry for the derail.

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My page-a-day island calendar shows Le Meridien in Bora Bora that cestmoi15 mentions (Jan. 14) and also the Maldives looking similar on Jan. 15.
I don;t think I saw the show you mention but I think I saw what you were talking about somewhere like Sky Magazine.
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