Mama needs to get rid of her bag
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Retired Coach bag filter: I want to sell a Coach messenger bag on ebay. If possible, I'd like to include the style name of the bag. Is there a site that lists retired Coach bags? I googled the serial number, or whatever that number embossed inside the bag is, but got nothing. I tried "retired Coach bag list", but again nothing relevant to my query. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Have you tried to google "coach messenger bag" images instead of web and locating the bag that way?
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Ask in the Coach section of The Purse Forum. There are also lots of pictures for reference.
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And for your Google Fu, try searching for "discontinued" rather than "retired." Also, that serial number you're talking about is probably the style number if that helps. Seconding the purse forum.
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katillathehun--each Coach bag has a serial number in it.
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katillathehun---Discontinued!! yes that's the word I wanted...why was I stuck on retired?*cough* former *cough* beanie baby collector*cough cough*
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Be aware that in 2008 eBay became far more strict about the listing of luxury brand items. You may need to correspond with their Safe Harbor department to get clearance to list this bag.
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The easiest way really is to do an Ebay or Google search by the style/model number. The model number is the four digits following the dash on the leather tag inside the bag. Just type the word Coach and that model number; for example "Coach 1234 bag" (not in quotes or you'll limit your search results). On Ebay click the box that says "include title and description" for your search. In Google the Images search (near the top of your screen) is very helpful. You should get at least one or two results either in Google or Ebay to tell you the model name, even if you have to scroll thru a few pages to find it.

Fun tidbit: If you've ever bought a second-hand Coach bag and want to check authenticity, you can make sure the model you bought matches the number on its tag by going to the Coach website: and just substitute that "7081" style number with the style number of the bag you're asking about. You'll get an image of the bag. Unfortunately no style name though.

FWIW, you don't really need to know the name of the bag if you don't have it. If you're listing it on Ebay just make sure to include the style number in your listing and Coach fans will know what it is.
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Oh, I am also told that you can just call up any 'ol Coach store in your phonebook and ask them, "I have this vintage bag, style number xxxx and was wondering what the style name is?" and they can look it right up for you.
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Cuddles...can I call you that? Anyway, thanks....I searched ebay for "Coach messenger bag", but, duh, did not think of using the number. And the results were numerous enough that I had no desire to look at all of them. Also, calling the store, such an obvious option....and yet
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Glad it was helpful. :-) I think you'll find decent interest in your bag because a lot of people prefer to carry bags that everyone else doesn't have & that the stores aren't full of right now. I see gobs of people -- even 15-year-olds -- with the latest Carly Sateen or Soho satchel but a lot of the older bags are really hard to find.
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