Recommend a decent property management company in Chicago, if you can.
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Can anyone recommend a property management company in the Chicago area? I'm a would-be landlord.

This is a sort of followup to this question. I'm hoping to rent my apartment out by April 1 so I can take a job elsewhere. The place is in Evanston. From the previous question, I've learned that I need a property management company to handle this for me.

I'd prefer one that does not demand exclusive rights to list the property, as well as one that someone has had direct positive experience with.
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Do not, under any circumstances, go with Andco Management. They are the worst landlords I've ever, ever had.
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My opinion: do not go with A P Gold. Not only did I have several experiences with them that I would term unpleasant (despite being a quiet, clean, always-paid-on-time, never-demanded-new-carpets-or-appliances type of renter), but so did friends of mine. In our circle, certainly, A P Gold became synonymous with Do Not Rent.
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Another renter's opinion: Kass Management was also horrible to live under. Among other idiocies, they changed the locks on my building while I was out of town and helpfully left the new key INSIDE my apartment.
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