How much do I charge for redesigning a table-based site to full CSS and an integrated blog, with different navigation?
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If someone were asking me to redesign a table-based small business site with full CSS and an integrated blog (visuals wouldn't change much, but navigation structure would be completely different), how much should I, hypothetically, charge?
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It's a simple equation.

v = What you think your time is worth (in dollars per hour)
t = How much time you spend on the project
d = any deductions you want to make because of personal relationships with the client, etc
c = cost

c = (v * t) - d

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Bill by the hour. Never bill by the job if you can possibly avoid it.

Other than that, there's no way to answer your question, without knowing your experience level, the size and savviness of the client, the size and complexity of the website, how fubared the current layout and html is, how easy or difficult you expect the working relationship to be, etc, etc, etc...

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Hm. Alright, thanks.
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If you do bill by the job, use cheaily's formula, but triple the number. Quadruple it if they specify what tools you're to use and you've never used them. Quintuple it if they specify what tools you're to use and it's Microsoft FrontPage.
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Creative Latitude: Resources: Downloads -- scroll down to Hourly Rate Calculator. Good stuff.
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