PhillyFilter: Pittsburgh-themed bar in Philly?
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PhillyFilter: Looking for a Pittsburgh-themed bar in Philly to watch the SuperBowl, and Steelers regular season games in the future.

The traditional sports bar just doesn't do it for me here, with all of the other Philly team memorobilia. I'm looking for a Western-PA style establishment with Pittsburgh's black and gold gear doning the walls-- Steelers/Pens/Pirates. Does such a place exist in a city so attached to her own teams?

I saw plenty of your Pittsburgh fans out at the Italian Market during the last Eagles game... where did you go to watch it?

Full Disclosure: I am a Phillies fan, not a Pirates fan.
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I'm not sure if there are any out-and-out Pittsburgh bars to be had, but most Stillers games see a pretty sizable Black-and-Gold contingent descending on the Fox & Hound on 15th and Spruce. It's as close to a Steelers outpost as I've seen in Philly, though admittedly I'm not a sports bar guy, so there may well be a friendlier place to go.
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There's a bar I used to live across down the street from. It's called Fox and Hound or something like that... huge sports bar that showed all of the American football games.

Always packed with people in Steelers Jerseys.

Spruce and 15th.

I would always walk past it on the way to Fado- the Irish pub on the next corner that showed all of the (real) football matches- and which was always paked with Celtic fans (Glasgow Celtic, not Boston Celtics) and Man U fans.
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Best answer: The 476-member Philly Steelers Yahoo Group seems to meet and Fox & Hound.
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Response by poster: Good call-- Fox & Hound is the place!!
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