Identifying Incorrect iTunes Lyrics
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I’ve been using various OS X Dashboard Widgets for some time now to automatically add lyrics to the iTunes tracks I’m listening to. One of the widgets lost the plot, though, and added the incorrect lyrics to some songs - lyrics to other songs I have, rather than other songs with similar titles (I’m guessing the widget was writing lyrics to the previous song). I'd like to output data I could skim to identify which songs to clean: song title, artist and first 500 or so characters of the lyric. Any thoughts?

A second, nuclear option would be to bulk delete all lyrics and start from scratch, if that's achievable.
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One thing I use (not to really help your problem..unless you juts wanted to nuke and start over) is Gimme Some Tune It also fetches artwork, and puts a mini controller in the menubar. Its nice and very easy to use.
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