Cool Toronto independent jewelery stores?
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In the market for a non-traditional engagement ring from an independent local jeweler based in Toronto.

My SO and I are looking for a non-traditional engagement ring and have ruled out buying it online. So far we are looking at pink and yellow sapphire rings. I like art deco jewelery, or pieces that look vintage with a modern twist, and would like to support small independent local jewelers based out of Toronto.

So far my favorite place is Linda Penwarden. We have been and I'm in love with all of her jewelery, however my SO wants us to keep looking around to make sure we see everything before making the final decision.

Where are your favorite places, Mefites? Specifically ones similar to Linda Penwarden. NB: I have consulted this previous thread and this one.

I look forward to your responses!
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Best answer: Leif Benner in the Distillery district has some nice custom things. At least that's what my wife said, I don't have an eye for jewelry. He's also a pleasant, accessible and friendly person.
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I see that he's in the other thread, too. I wanted to add that we were specifically looking for non-diamond rings as well, and he had very good options.
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Distillery, obviously. There's also a neat place on Roncesvalles a bit south of Garden called Metal & Stone that has some very interesting pieces.
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Friends of mine had success with one of the designers at Made You Look. I believe Kim Drosdick was the specific designer they went with. But generally they are good people.
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My super picky friend ended up going with Linda Penwarden. He's all kind of picky. I'm not sure you'll find a better place in the city. (She did our weddings rings, and my wifes engagement ring, also.)
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Response by poster: Update: We ended up going with Leif Benner and could not be more thrilled with the result. He was absolutely fantastic to work with. Feel free to message me if you want to see a photo of the ring.
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