Stand-up comic forum?
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How can I find out if a stand-up comedian is currently performing a routine that's different from material on their two recorded albums?

I'd really like to go see Mitch Fatel, but not with a long drive in the car, a big cover and a two drink minimum if he just poots out the same material as his last two albums. Is there a good web forum for comics and stand-up where I might research this?
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In the past I've rung up the venue and they have given me the number of one of the show assistants or PR's who have been able to help me out.
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looks like you can contact his bookers, too.

or maybe try asking him on myspace? maybe just send a nice message asking if he'll be doing new material (leaving out the "poot" part?).
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I did a quick youtube search and found a bunch of live performances. Are any of these recent enough to help?
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A Special Thing sounds like the forum you're asking for.
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