Shopping for a Greatcoat in Toronto
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I'm going to be in downtown Toronto this weekend and would like to try to buy a greatcoat. Yes, I'm a fanboy.
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if you want answers your going to have to provide more details like:
- what's your budget
- what do you mean by greatcoat (is that the same as an overcoat?)
- what are you a fanboy of, and what does that have to do with a coat?
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I'm not sure if they'd have greatcoats, but if I wanted one, the first place I'd look would be Stollery's at Yonge & Bloor.
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Are you looking for a really heavy greatcoat, or a medium weight one? ;)
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Call Save More Sports at Queen and Sherbourne. Pretty good for military surplus, and they do occasionally advertise Naval coats.
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Although these examples aren't quite Captain Jack worthy.
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Kololo: I'm a fan of Torchwood, and Captain Jack Harkness, who is regularly seen wearing a navy blue serge greatcoat, which is a style of double-breasted full-length overcoat.

A medium-weight one is probably more practical, but today I'd like a heavy one, but this weather will pass.
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This place (Uncle Sams Army Navy Outfitters) has a place in Toronto in Kensington Market, but I couldn't see an RAF Officers Greatcoat, which is what Captain Jack wears, on their website. They have East German greatcoats, but they are green as opposed to RAF blue. Might be worth checking them out though to see what they have in stock.
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There's a place on Yonge that may also work... I believe south of Wellesley, west side.
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The place on Yonge is Central Surplus. You should definately be able to find one there or the place in Kensington.
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cpdavy: yes, I figured it was Central Surplus, and I did go there. My problem is primarily that I don't know what's still here since I moved away many years ago.
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