Sneaky sneaker heels
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Whenever I buy sneakers, the heel lining breaks

With nearly all my sneakers the first thing that breaks is the lining on the heels. This usually happens after about 6 months of on and off use. Eventually the whole plastic lining the heel breaks and I have to throw the sneakers away, after probably a year of irregular use. I don't think this is the typical wear pattern for sneakers for most other people which lead me to believe that it's the shape of my heel causing this. Does this happen to anybody else? Is there any way to prevent the heel from breaking down so fast? I have tried duct tape before but it's not very comfortable or long lasting.
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It happens to me, as well. Are your feet more than a half-size different?
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This happens to me as well, its irritating. Someone recommended to me to get some of those gel inserts, in order to make a barrier and put less pressure on the actual sneaker.

I have no idea if it will work or not, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
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It happens to me, as well. Are your feet more than a half-size different?

As I just found out recently, yes.
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Do you untie your shoes before you take them off/put them on? I don't on most of my shoes (often smooshing the heel while I put on the shoe) and they all have broken heel supports. I'm only assuming this correlation implies causation though, and will need a grant before I can make any scientific conclusions.
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my first thought was the same as cardboard's. I've had this problem when I get in the habit of slipping shoes on and off, thus pushing against the heel support and wearing it down every time i put them on. If you're already untying your shoes to get them off and on make sure you loosen them up too so you don't have to force your heel in.
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Sneakers are only designed to last about 6 months. Max 9 months.
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Happens to me too. It's a sign that you need to buy new sneakers, because if parts you can see are breaking down, parts you don't notice, such as the shock absorption and padding, are likely also wearing out. As JAD'E says, sneakers are not meant to be a very long-term investment. Even if you're only wearing them a few times a week (and especially if you're wearing them for sports or exercise), they need to be replaced more often than once a year.
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I agree that it's how you put them on that causes this.

I'd like to see references for this claim that they are "designed" to wear out quickly, not
that I think businesses are above such practices.
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