What are my options for a support case/ticket management system support confidentiality?
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Need a web-based solution (self hosted, preferably free and open source) to keep track of support cases/tickets in such a way that they all go through one person, get assigned, and only the manager and assigned owner can see the ticket. Also needs to be able to support multiple owners for group work. If you know of something close please mention it as we can do some modification.
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Request Tracker immediately comes to mind, and you may have already considered and dismissed it for some reason. It does have concept of "approvals" (which I haven't used), new tickets can go into a queue that only your "manager" has access to, assigned owners should be able to see their tickets also, might need to use other queues for the "multiple owners" thing.

GPLv2, mostly (all?) Perl. Look into it... http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/

It could probably be made to do what you want, if it doesn't do it out of the box.
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For flexibility you could use foswiki (or pre-fork twiki)'s BugsContrib, editing the bug template so that ALLOWTOPICVIEW and ALLOWTOPICCHANGE are set to just the reporter, the assignee, and a possible privileged group (see AccessControl).
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I like the (relative) simplicity and (relative) extensibility of Mantis.
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(Technically a bug-tracker, but we use it for support tickets)
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Seconding RT. RT is excellent. I've used Mantis too, which is less mature but good for small setups.

You can have separate queues in RT and auto-assignments to the queues. Permissions on who can view each queue, etc. E-mail integration is also a killer feature.

The features page (see security) explains a bit more.
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We use RT at work - not a huge fan, but it's an older version so that might be why. I was hoping that someone would know of one that actually has user based permissions for each ticket as opposed to queue based. I'll have to look at the new version.

BugsContrib is an interesting idea. would take a little more work as it wouldn't build the user's queues automatically but might be workable.
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Pretty sure Issuetrak does this. Not free or open source, btw.
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Trac + PrivateTicketsPlugin.
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IF this is for a computer help desk have you tried spiceworks. It is free.
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Testing Trac + PrivateTickets right now, will test the new RT after if Trac doesn't fit. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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