cracked LCD screen on laptop
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I own an hp pavilion 6400 notebook and last month woke up to find a cracked lcd screen. i am posting this in hopes that someone can provide 1) an estimate on how much money i should be able to sell this for (everything else about the computer is in perfect working condiiton) and 2) what my best options are. i am planning to list it on ebay as a no reserve auction but i am weary to do this. i paid over $1000 for this laptop last year and now hp will not fix it because it is out of warranty. any advice is much appreciated. thanks, matt
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Laptop screens are surprisingly cheap on eBay, between $50 and $100. If you're handy you can replace it yourself. If you don't want to or can't replace the screen, you'll get a small fraction back of your money selling the laptop on eBay. What's the full model number of your PC? It looks like there isn't a Pavilion 6400, but there's a DV6400.
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Are you sure its a HP Pavilion 6400? A trivial Google search seems to suggest that is a desktop.
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Check your local craigslist under computer gigs and computer services. You might be able to find someone who will want to replace the LCD screen for you after you buy it on ebay.

Go through the usual safety/security rigor with anyone you decide to go with - ask the questions you need to ask to ensure they are legit, don't just hand over your laptop, don't agree to meet them alone in a dark alley at midnight in a crackhead neighborhood that doesn't get cell service while carrying $500 in your pocket, and so on.
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if it's really just a year ago or so, check your credit/debit card that you bought it on. some double the warranty or add 6 months, which may be crucial in your situation! visa has been way cool in warranty replacement dealings...
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Broken screen? Not much. Yeah I know it's otherwise perfect - but a fucked screen is a fucked screen - so not much...

Hey! I have almost the same one (perhaps?). And well... I got if for nothing because yep, you guessed it - broken screen. Which was really easy to replace! (AND I used the screen out of the laptop I was using :) by chance they had the same pin/plug/cable thingy on the back.)

Which you don't care about but it would suggest there are plenty of screens you will be able to use.

And... not that you asked or anything but it just irks the shit out me. It's wary, not weary. (If you are concerned about such things it's also pronounced like that, with an A and not an E.)
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A $1,000 laptop a year ago is a $500 laptop today.

A $500 laptop with a broken screen is really a $150 laptop.

Unless you need the $150, you can do one of two things:

1.) Buy a new or used, but otherwise working screen on eBay and replace it yourself. This will cost you $100 or so and you'll have to be comfortable with partially disassembling your computer. It's not hard, there are often directions online, but you do need a clean, well-lit work area, some tiny screw drivers, and the patience to deal with fragile components.

2.) Keep the computer and use it with an external monitor. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a laptop, but if you would like to have a desktop at home, this is one option. You can buy a new 19" LCD monitor from NewEgg for $130 or so.
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