My Control pad needs to be beat!
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I recently purchased an Alesis Control pad off of Ebay, it works great but was missing the BFD-lite CD-ROM.

I am looking for a free (shareware/donationware) program to use with this machine. I am running a Mac 10.3.9 with several different programs (Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Reason) and would prefer something VST based. After searching the archives, I looked at the Bluenoise site and My Drumset would be great but it's PC only.

Anybody have any suggestions/tips on programs?
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Have you checked out the KVR database (here's a search for "free Mac drum synths/samplers") or Create Digital Music? The "Straight Out of No Cash" series (part 1, part 2, part 3) is good, if highly Windows-centric, and the commenters on the articles tend to bring up good Mac solutions.
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