Name that C64 game!
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Name that C64 game!

OK, this is going to be very vague, so forgive me. As I remember it, you were a penguin negotiating a side-scrolling icy world, where I THINK the graphics had the ground/ceiling (caves maybe?) more of a white colour with a blue outline, and I think your character would slide when he stopped.. and I think it involved mainly jumping over gaps and stuff. I searched an list of ALL C64 game titles and not one jogged my memory, hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about.

(may not be a penguin, may have featured that classical song used in cartoons and games that I believe was called something to do with caves and wizards - but I could easily be __completely__ wrong about that)
(I think the only part I'm positive about is the cave-ness, and the white with blue outline slippery surface)
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Sounds similar to the the icy levels (blue ones here) on Chucky Egg 2 (not a penguin)... can't remember if he slides and I don't have the emulator installed...
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no, it's definitely more graphically advanced than that.... man, this is killing me!
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Are you sure it wasn't a Sega Master System game, because it sounds alot like Penguin Land
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nope, that's not it... it was pretty slick looking graphics-wise.. the surface that you would run on would have little stalagtite-bits sticking up and little tiny divots going down.. with a thick (felt-pen-like) outline of rich blue, with white underneath, the whole look representing ice.. The whole thing was really cartoony. I also believe you only had one level (up/downwise) fit on the screen at a time.

again, this is a 20 year-old memory, I'm sure to be embarrassed by just how wrong I am...
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I'm embarrassed to even be suggesting this, but bc: quest for tires had a cave level and a vaguely penguin looking main character:
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Rupert and The Ice Palace?
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I'm all too familiar with BC's Quest (nice thinkin!)... Rupert and the Ice Palace is closer than the rest of the suggestions, but definitely still not it.
thanx again everyone..
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Are you getting more than one game conflated? One-screen-at-a-time platformer in a cave with stalactites, gaps, and classical music used for wizards says Doriath to me -- listen to this and if that's the music, then you'll need to separate out those memories to find your slippery penguins.
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Could you be thinking of this?
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I was going to say Snokie as well - great game!
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Snokie is totally it!!! oh man, I thought I'd be taking this to the grave....
I can't thank you enough...
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wow, Doriath was where I got the music from you are absolutely correct.
man, you guys are good.
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hall of mountain king, cave of wizard... mind works in mysterious ways...
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