Help her find her underwear.
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Do you recognize the underwear seen at 1:20 in this video, and secondly, recommendations for interesting artisanal lingerie?

(Asking on behalf of Ms Forktine; video link basically SFW as long as your work is cool with improv people in un-sexy underwear on the subway.)

At about 1:20 in the video, there is a brief (pun unintended) shot of a woman wearing dark, striped knickers with some white detailing on either side in front, and some sort of X or bowtie in the center. Ms Forktine was looking over my shoulder, and said "I want those!"

First, does anyone recognize the specific brand/model the woman in the video is wearing?

Second, and more generally, can anyone recommend any specific artisanal or small-scale lingerie designers who sell online? There are so many on Google and Etsy that it is overwhelming trying to sort through them; what I'm hoping for here is suggestions from happy customers, friends-of-a-friend, or other ways to cull the possibilities. Every-day or special-occasion; cost is not the primary factor; plus-sizing not needed; she is open to anything from corsets to knickers to chemises to whatever, as long as it is better quality and/or more interesting than what you find at the mall.
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(For posterity (see what I did there?), the video was in this FPP.)
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One of the authors of the Knickers Blog hangs out here, but I can't remember her MeFi username.
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They're very similar to Panache's Masquerade set, but aren't they. To be honest, I could find a similar pair in La Senza or Topshop, but they might not be lingere quality.

Aubade are very very good, if expensive. I would also recommend Rigby and Peller who I believe do smaller cup-sizes. Neither of these are small-scale in the way you describe but are definitely high quality. You might also want to try Myla, Agent Provocateur (though I think they're a bit overrated, a bit Ann Summers for the Bridget Jones classes, and don't tend to come in my size anyway) and Coco De Mer. Do you have Figleaves in the US? The UK site carries a lot of smaller designers.
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Screen captures.

(Yeah, hot, but prob SFW.)

Oblig: Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
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*but aren't those.

Here are some similar Topshop pants, as an idea. They are a high street store, though, and more everyday than lingerie-type pants. Actually, they'd be pretty good if Ms F is a bit smaller.
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Not quite the same, but here are a couple with similarities at

Look through their whole selection of Boy Shorts. And brace yourself for a $40 price tag for 2 ounces of fabric. :)
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I have a pair that look similar. They are part of the Pink line from Victoria's Secret. I tried looking them up online but they don't have that style on their website so I can't provide a link.
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I liked them, too, and have searched around. Have to go now, but these are the most similar pair I could find anywhere!
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The suggestions and links are appreciated. Although nothing has quite matched the video (Nolechick11 is probably right that it is a discontinued model), she has found a lot that she likes, and has placed several orders already.

And brace yourself for a $40 price tag for 2 ounces of fabric. :)

Truth in advertising should require per-pound pricing on underwear. One is clearly paying for design and advertising, not quantity of materials.
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ukdanae is the aforementioned Mefi Knickers Blogger.
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