Help me find L'oreal continuous shine creme!
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Where can I buy L'oreal continuous shine creme? Kind of complicated.

L'oreal continuous shine creme comes inside a tiny little tube with their Blond hair dye products.

I've never seen it sold separately, and I have no idea what the actual creme is made of since it doesn't say anything on the tube and I've thrown out the hair dye box a long time ago.

That creme is the best thing to ever happen to my dry hair and I really want to find a standalone product or a similar product without having to constantly buy a $20 hair dye box just for that tiny little tube.

Does anyone have any idea if they are sold separately anywhere? Does anyone know of any identical "generic" cremes that are like it?

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I don't know about in the US, but some hairdye brands in the UK are selling these tubes separately now. Otherwise, try a conditioning hair masque.
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They don't seem to sell it separately, but you could try the Shine Seeker spray that they recommend. I think you need a silicone-based anti-frizz product if that helps in your searches.
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Sally Beauty Supply sells big tubes of box-dye conditioner (it's the best thing in the world). I used to get the kind that comes with Feria there, but there might be other kinds at a beauty supply shop where you are. Also, Nice and Easy now sells big tubes of their conditioner at retail stores (they carry it at CVS where I live) and it's pricey but necessary. I've never found a conditioner of any kind that rivals dye-box-creme, but I do think the brands are pretty interchangeable.
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oh also - the boxes of Nice and Easy PERFECT 10 are fantastic... they cost $15ish but if you look for coupons and wait for sales you can stock up. It only takes 10 minutes on your head, I've been really happy with the results, and you get the aforementioned GIANT TUBE of conditioner that lasts and lasts.
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I use any kind of shine serum(a.k.a. glossing gel) that is silicone-based. Look at the label for the 1st ingredient to be -icone, often dimethicone. It makes the hair glossy and silky, and is how hair models get that perfect cascade of hair for the commercials.
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I see the big blue tubes of Nice'N Easy at Big Lots.

I've also gotten the Feria stuff at Sally - cheaptastic and always available.
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