Yet another "name that movie"
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Name that Documentary: Hanging women over water (pond?) to feed organisms living inside the water. Aired around 2008. Possibly located in Asia.

Unfortunately that's all the info I have about the film. It could have been on the Discovery channel but I'm not positive.
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This might need a bit more information..... Hanging to dry? Hanging to die? Hanging to kill and then drop into the water? Hanging on rings to workout and sweat into the water? Hanging out, playing cards, and eating chips whose crumbs fall into the water?

Ok, not so much that last one, but still, some clarification might help.
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This is probably not it but it's what I immediately thought of - fish pedicures?
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Anonymously Yours.

The film follows four women trapped in the sex trade. The film is notable also for describing the practice of dunking prostitutes into leech-filled pools for hours, then removing them and harvesting the leeches, which are sold as a delicacy. Women are used instead of animals for this practice because the animals are considered too valuable. -Wikipedia
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That sounds like the one I'm looking for. Thanks everyone!
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