Can I disable a firefox addon at the command-line?
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I have an Thinkpad X61 that I use both at work and home. Internet at work requires a proxy while at home I have WiFi. Switching browser settings is no problem thanks to the awesome Connection Manager software that ships with the Thinkpad. But now things have become a bit complicated. I had to install FoxyProxy because some sites needed a different connection which the regular proxy couldn't handle. Now when I connect to the internet at home, I have to remember to disable foxyproxy otherwise the Internet doesn't work. Is there a way to disable the foxyproxy extension via the command line so that I can automate this process? Google isn't helping. FWIW, I have AutoIt and Autohotkey installed although I'm not really a programmer.
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You may want

Quickproxy firefox extension

Statusbar button to turn the proxy on and off with a single click.
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tiamat - Quickproxy switches between a proxy setting and direct connection (atleast that's what I understood). I have my Thinkpad Connection Manager setup to do that.

The issue is that Foxyproxy overrides that setting with it's own internal rules and those rules don't work when I leave the office network. Hence my question about trying to disable foxyproxy from the command line via some sort of script.
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Well then, I think the answer is no. Firefox only takes certain faily basic command line shell parameters in the first place; I've never heard of any extension that would be able to interact with the external shell that way. Therfore I don't think there's any way you can turn off foxyproxy except from within firefox.

That said, you could always email the developer and see if they could add an external API.
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tiamat - Thanks for the confirmation. I'll ask in the developer forums,but it sounds like a long shot at best.
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For anyone who comes across this AskMe, a tangential update - FoxyProxy have released a new Pro version (that costs 15 USD).

The big feature of the FoxyProxy Pro version is that proxies can be "tagged" to a particular IP address of your PC - so one proxy (at work) I "tag" to my office IP range and the other proxy (which is actually a direct connection) is tagged to the IP range at home. With this, I can use Firefox without having to enable/disable proxies.
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