I need hose that don't use a tourniquet to stay up
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Please recommend thigh-high hose/ stockings for use with and/ or without garters

for a more muscular/ less twiggy thigh.

I'm a size medium in most clothes (6 to 8) but every time I purchase thigh-highs, the top seems to cut into my leg in an unflattering way.

I am willing to go to boutiques and pay more for the best fit...

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PS I'm a girl. (one can't assume)
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Sock Dreams - I've never purchased sheer hose from them, but there selection of socks for bigger-thighed women is incredible. They also try on the socks themselves and post reviews. I can't post a link, but use the search bar on the right to find the "Sheer" page.
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Seconding sock dreams. But honestly, the problem is pretty structural--thigh highs are supposed to stay up via the magic of strong elastic, which will inevitably cut into any excess leg. This is why (among other reasons) all the skinny models are usually shows on their backs, legs in the air, to suspend weight from any fat they have on their thighs.

I'm a fan of thigh highs that feature lace on the top, since lace is more forgiving than a blank hem.

These have adjustable ribbons and are pretty hot.
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I've had good success with just drugstore bands (<>
One friend swears by garters, but I find them too finicky and less comfortable than the garter-free style.
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Ah, lesson learned about using "greater than" and "less than".

What I meant to say was that even the cheap hose that cost under ten dollars stay up fine for me, so long as there are multiple strips of silicone and a wide lace band that won't cut into my decidedly un-stick-like thighs. They have no elastic at all, just the sticky silicone, and will last for many wearings so long as you keep them clean (so it stays sticky).
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I prefer the kind of thigh-highs that require a garter belt, since they don't have the cut-into-you band, and they're practically guaranteed not to fall down. Plus wearing a garter belt is kind of fun.

To my recollection Vassarette Her Secret stockings are made this way. They used to carry them at Wal-Mart, like eons ago, but I don't think they do anymore.
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Seconding stockings that require a garter belt. They never cut in and never fall down, and I personally think a nice garter belt is more comfortable than those nasty sticky silicone bands cutting into your leg (ymmv).

I generally purchase my stockings at Victoria's Secret because they are the only local place that sells decent quality stockings in the store. Strangely, they never sold them on the website, and it's been a while since I purchased any so I can only assume they still have them in the stores. Otherwise there are plenty of sites out there dedicated to stockings, like stockingstore.com and stockingirl.com.

Buy a garter belt that looks comfortable - it doesn't need to be fancy and lacy. Maybe something like this with a nice pair of stockings and see how it feels.
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Nthing Sock Dreams for all stocking-related issues. I like garter belts, but they also sell sock glue.
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I'm with Pomo. When I was size 8 or 10, I used to wear stay-ups a lot -- the silicone strip kind. Worked perfectly. I chose relatively expensive stockings because they last longer IMHO -- they didn't catch and run as easily as cheap ones. These Filodoro ones were the best.
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I like the thigh highs from Wolford and Agent Provocateur. I've tried garters and stockings, but I'm crap at attaching the back thing.
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By the way - spec80's comment above reminds me: with a garter belt, the back strap generally shouldn't be in the back. If the front strap is at 12:00, the rear strap should be more around 4-5:00 instead of 6:00.

I also often take off the belt with the stockings still attached at the end of the day, which makes the whole thing easier to put on next time.
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I wear exclusively stockings with a garter belt. No elastic (or even those silicone strips) to cut into your thighs and no tights-crotch (you know, when the crotch works its way down to your knees over the course of the day).

Tip: If you want fancy stockings for cheap in a multitude of colors, buy tights and cut the legs to the proper length. I've found they don't unravel, will last for many washings, and no more tights-crotch! Yay!
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I used to like thigh-highs, because I thought they were easier than wearing a garter belt, but they really don't do your legs justice the way stockings and garters do. I stopped wearing them altogether when my photographer told me that they never use the thigh-highs in photo shoots because they make your legs look less attractive as a result of the elastic gripping your thighs.

If you go for thigh-highs to wear WITH a garter, the important thing is to get either a really good garter belt, or a corset with garter clips. The best corsets I've found with these are the Dream series from Fredericks, which are also their most popular (plus, you can detach the garters and just wear the corset if you want).

As far as good garter belts go, I've found that more expensive isn't always better--for example, I love both my Simone Perele, which was ridiculously expensive, and my run-of-the-mill everyday garter belt.
You really just need to try on a bunch to find the best ones for you.

If you still want no-garter thigh-highs, the best ones I've found are from Leg Avenue, because they have the widest range of sizes, and it looks like muddgirl's Sockdreams sells them. Here's a tip: try buying the stockings one size larger than the fit guide says, to get a longer length and a more comfortable fit higher on your thigh.
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Oh, and seconding Metroid Baby's comment about the garter strap in back not really being at 6 o'clock, but more to the side!
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This is great- thanks to all for the wide variety of suggestions.
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