I just want a nice box
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I can't believe this is so hard to find. I have this Expedit bookcase from Ikea. I bought some cubes from Ikea to fit on the shelves, but not enough. I bought 7, I need 5 more. I don't want to buy anymore from Ikea but I can't find this type of storage anywhere else in the UK! More specs inside.

- I don't want rattan, or wicker, or seagrass or anything like those things. A light wood would be ok if I could stain it.

- Preferably made of some sort of fabric, but not leather because the shelves we have is a dark wood color and I want the boxes to pop out in color.

- Needs to be about 30cm x 30cm to fit well.

- If it's like a cheerful green I would be totally happy but now I'm not even that picky because I can't find anything that fit the first three requirements.

- This is in the UK.

- I don't know if it really matters but I am going to store yarn/wool in them, which are in plastic bags. (moth paranoia) I guess that matters in that I don't really want clear plastic boxes either.

Otherwise, anyone know of tutorials on how to make your own? I don't have a sewing machine but MIGHT be able to borrow one if I get desperate.
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Wal-Mart in the US has fabric ones (in like tan, blue, black, and olive I think) that fit Expedit bookcases exactly, but I do not know if that helps you.

Why not but more Ikea? They're cheap.
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I see the ones you linked are soft fabric ones. We use these hard Lekman boxes in an Expedit bookcase for storing shoes.

It would help if you could clarify why you don't want to buy IKEA boxes (this is, after all, an IKEA shelf). This search turns up a load of different boxes, all sized for Expedit.
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And the Lekman ones come in bright blue or red too.
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The Ikea ones are just made of cut cardboard with fabric glued onto it. Why not make your own? It is about as simple a thing to make as anything. Just buy some gray chipboard and make your own like this.
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Response by poster: Thanks for answers so far.

The nearest Ikea is about a total 2 hour trip away (when there's no traffic on the M3) and they don't deliver the fabric ones. So I'm just looking for another place that delivers something similar (or has more locations).

I feel that the transparent ones would clash with what we have going on already :P And I wouldn't be happy about spending over 50 quid on something I wasn't happy with.

I guess I have to give some more thought to making something myself, which isn't totally unappealing as I like crafting.
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Do you guys have Target? They have a whole bunch such as these.
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the target ones linked above are one-inch too wide for the expedit. My previous question about finding storage for the expedit may be of help (though i am based in the US).
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There are these from Vertbaudet, which seem to be just the size you want.
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