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I'm putting together a playlist for an election-results-watching party (Go Kerry!). Any recommendations for songs relating to the current administration?
So far, I've got: Ani DiFranco's 'Self Evident', Saul Williams' 'Pledge of Resistance' and Eminem's Mosh from the recent post. I know I've heard others, but can't seem to find them right now.
Any genre is OK, just curious as to how much I can find, my google-fu doesn't seem up to the task of finding political songs without too much stuff from the Vietnam era.
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It's not really Party Music but you could try something from Paris' Sonic Jihad.
posted by euphorb at 11:34 PM on October 26, 2004

Try this.
posted by melissa may at 11:49 PM on October 26, 2004

Mike Doughty's Move On song is actually pretty good, as is much of the stuff on the Future of America soundtrack it was a part of.
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Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood for the irony. Rage Against the Machine for the meta-irony. Crass for the superduper black belt of irony.

And anything by Kris Kristofferson for the inevitable despair resulting from the election of either candidate.
posted by stet at 12:41 AM on October 27, 2004

Oh yeah, Steve Earle's body of work runs from the covertly political (Copperhead Road, Ben McColloch) to the overtly political (pretty much everything he's done lately). He's one of the rare political artists I sincerely respect as a musician rather than an activist. However, he's got a bit of the twang going on and many folks don't care for that.
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Thanks melissa, I'm checking out the links now. I read salon, but must've missed that article.
And thanks to euphorb and Matt, too.
I tried to sample the Doughty track here, but I was banned because of my country of residence.
On preview - you too, stet.
posted by bashos_frog at 12:55 AM on October 27, 2004

Art of the Mix is a great place for inspiration. Try these two mixes.
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On the more cynical side, you could try some Snog - "Hooray!!" or "Justified Homicide" (it even mentions GWB by name!) might do nicely.

(Hee hee!)
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The Fiery Furnaces- We Got Back the Plague
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Matthew Good - Alert Status Red, and probably a lot more from White Light Rock and Roll Review, which I don't own yet, argh.
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john-john by Nellie McKay, featuring this political sentiment:

"ralphie has my heart
but i must live with john john till november"

Not my favorite of her songs, but generally speaking, I sure do like Nellie.
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"Hit the Road, Jack" by Ray Charles.

"Idiot Son of an Asshole" by NOFX (via MeFi).
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"Let's Have Christ For President" - Billy Bragg & Wilco
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how about "patriot" (originally done by little steven, and covered EXCELLENTLY by pearl jam) or "rocking in the free world" (originally done by neil young, and covered EXCELLENTLY by pearl jam...btw do you see a theme ;)
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The new Camper Van Beethoven album, New Roman Times, has some gems on it. The whole album is a "rock opera" about the current sociopolitical muck.
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The fiance suggests songs from Sleater-Kinney's One Beat.

And I concur!
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Fourtunate Son, I'm partial to the Creedence version.
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Pretty much anything from Ted Leo's new album, Shake the Sheets.
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I thought this was a gimme, but maybe not: "Happy Days Are Here Again," thr rousing college chorus version by Mitch Miller.
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I doubt Pearl Jam could do "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" better than the live version on Weld. The new Green Day album is supposed to be surprisingly good.
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"Son of a Bush" by Public Enemy (actually, anything by Public Enemy)
"Deja vu All Over Again" by John Fogerty
"Mayor of Simpleton" by XTC (really, just for the title)
"Beautiful Day" by U2 (the Kerry campaign has been using this one)

Steve Earle--just about anything from "Jerusalem" or "The Revolution Starts Now"
"christ for president" by Billy Bragg and Wilco
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trust me they do....when they do it, it is a set ender..
and it RAWKS HARD!
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"Mrs. Robinson," Simon and Garfunkel. Purely for the verse:
Sittin' on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
Goin' to the candidates' debate
Laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose
Any way you look at it, you lose.
If you and your friends are of a libertarian persuasion, Billy Joel's "My Life" ("Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone.")
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American Idiot by Green Day, the single. The album is good, but will not suit your needs.

To The Five Boroughs by the Beastie Boys (the entire album), but in particular "Time to Build."

Pearl Jam has Bushleager, and then good covers of Masters of War and I Am A Patriot.
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"War Pigs", by Black Sabbath.

Best song ever.
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I forgot....there's also two "Rock against Bush" albums (pretty much punk albums)
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Democracy by Leonard Cohen.
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sunday, bloody sunday by "the party party".

The lyrics are U2. Its sung by Gearge W. Bush.

posted by davehat at 9:12 AM on October 27, 2004

War on War by Wilco
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damn...how could I of all people for get both Bu$hleager and Masters Of War....

/wondering if deserve my low 10 club fan number...
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Private Revolution and/or Hawaiin Island World by World Party.
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I'm surprised by a lot of the responses — I took the FPP to primarly mean songs related specifically to the Bush administration (and general contemporary protest songs, if applicable).

In that vein, Billy Bragg has The Price of Oil, available for free download. It's not his best work — he has a lot of contemporary political music though, so well worth checking out if you're open to that. Check out "Take Down the Union Jack" (please, not the atrocious remix version) or "Waiting For the Great Leap Forward." Or "All you Fascists" (are bound to lose) with Wilco.

The Beastie Boys had "In a World Gone Mad" (Iraq war protest) for free download, as well. I don't recall it being very good.

Chumbawumba had "Jacob's Ladder" which I remember being better than you would think, given the artist.

In fact, there is a whole 2 CD set of songs specifically written to protest the current war: Peace Not War. Full tracklist, lyrics, and online "jukebox" of the full set.

Also: (Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican is excellent. MP3 available.

Bonus to Minnesota residents:
The Ballad of Paul and Sheila ("Hey Senator, I wanna say, all the things you fought for did not die here today.") Available in the Flash player in the upper right — the last song on "Use Your Voice."

On a lighter note: Monsterslash, a parody against Bush environmental policy — and sung by the original artist to boot. MP3 available.

Bipartisan humor, if you can rip the audio: The JibJab shorts — "Good to be in DC" and "This Land" — Pirates and Emperors.

You seem want to avoid Vietnam and earlier protest music, but Phil Ochs, Phil Ochs, Phil Ochs. Timeless.
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The Ways of the World by N Flight.
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Chumbawumba had "Jacob's Ladder" which I remember being better than you would think, given the artist.

Hey: don't knock Chumbawamba. There's a lot (and I mean a lot) more to their music than "Tubthumping". They've been making music together for over 20 years, and they're one of the most seriously political bands around.
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Addendum: definitely check out the Jukebox portion of the Peace Not War site. They actually have (a lot, lot) more songs that I initially thought, including categories for "Beats," "Rock," "Acoustic," "Jazz," et cetera. And lyrics for all. (I had to use IE to get it to display right, but your mileage may vary.)

mr_roboto, my apologies.
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Oh, and don't forget, "Al Gore" (lives on my street) by Monkey Bowl. Flash applet.
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Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA, MY Hometown, War (off his live CDs, better than Starr's original version I think).
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REM's "Exhuming McCarthy".
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KMFDM's latest album WWIII, especially the title track.
War (What Is It Good For?) by Edwin Starr.

That's all I got.
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if you like 'Exhuming McCarthy', you might also like 'Ignoreland' . for more 80s REM political flava try 'Flowers of Guatemala', 'Fall on Me', and the obvious 'Orange Crush'

'Finest Worksong' might be really nice: 'the time to rise has been engaged...'

heck, 'It's the End of the World...' might come in really handy ;-)
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