Taking grains of salt seriously
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SaltFilter: Looking for a good book or online resource that helps one calculate the amount of salt in various kinds of food - down to the grain if possible.

I've googled a bit & found a few things but I'm looking here for personal recommendations (i.e., a book that you found helpful, well-written, clearly laid-out, etc.). Thanks.
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Nutrition Data. Searchable database with complete nutritional information for pretty much anything. I assume that when you say salt you mean sodium, which is listed in milligrams, a far finer unit of measurement than the outdated 'grain.'
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USDA National Nutrient Database:

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thank you both - those are excellent resources

and yes, amelioration, I do mean sodium - and measurement by milligrams is great! I was just using the vernacular...

anyone else? it would still be useful to hear of a good book on the subject....
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