Any courses on internet marketing in San Diego?
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I am looking for some good basic classes/courses in or near San Diego, California on interactive/internet marketing (metrics, e-commerce, channels, website usability, SEO, etc.). Can anyone recommend anything that ends before August '09?
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Best answer: It looks like there are a few classes available through UCSD Extension that would meet your needs. Spring quarter classes start on March 30th.

Web Marketing Strategies
SEO & SEM: The Fast Track to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
Web Publishing III: Site Design and Usability (there are prereqs for this one, but if you're already designing websites, you can probably get them waived -- they seem pretty basic)

I've not taken any of those, but UCSD Extension in general has a pretty good reputation.
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Response by poster: This is excellent. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
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