Any free/simple billing websites available?
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Is there a free website/service that allows simple billing? I pay for my daughters cell phone bill monthly but she has to pay $10 towards it. I'd like to "bill her" via email automatically every month to get her introduced to the responsibility of paying bills on time. Ideally this "billing service" would be free, would allow me to enter her email and sms and keep a running tab of what she owes. Has anyone built this yet? If not, any other suggestions?
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Um, perhaps the free version of Freshbooks would help, since you could invoice her via email from there...

Barring that, using Google Spreadsheets and sharing a sheet with her in read-only so that she can see which bills are due when and which have been paid?
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This Inquirer article about Paypal might be helpful.
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You can send her a Paypal invoice easy enough. She can pay it via check on the Paypal system, or to you personally and you mark it paid.
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I've used Billmonk before for exactly this, with my brother. It allows you to set automatic bills, send email or sms reminders.
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There are lots of online 'invoicing' systems to do most of what you need ('billing' implies there's money moving in the system, too).

For one or two invoices a month, they're free (you need to pay to get into meaningful volumes like 20-100 per month). And I believe that they all let you set up automatic recurring invoices every month and statements to date.
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also, billshare.
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I use Freshbooks for my invoicing and like it a lot. You can easily set up an invoice to automatically create and send monthly. It's free for up to three clients, with no limit on number of invoices you can send.
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I'm a fan of blinksale. They've got good paypal integration that will mark your invoice as paid as soon as you receive the money.
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seconding Billmonk, my roommate and I use it and love it.
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Thanks everyone! Exactly what I needed!
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Billmonk is great - that's what I'm using .. thanks!
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