What was the easter egg in the Game Genie for Game Boy (original)?
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I remember accidentally finding an easter egg on my game genie when I was younger, does anyone know anything about it?

I had the Game Genie for my original game boy. I don't know exactly how it happened, but I put in a code while playing (I think) Ninja Gaiden. When I put the code in, the game genie said something to the effect of "The first one was easy, now try to find the others." It also filled the codes with some random code, which I think I wrote down, but don't know if I have anymore, seeing as I don't even know if I have the game genie anymore.

Does anyone know what this was? How you get the codes, and what happens if you find them all? Did I miss out on my chance to be sucked into the game boy and marry a princess?
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I know that there were several of these codes, but I think all they did was display different messages. I found out about them in a gaming magazine years and years ago, but unfortunately I have no idea which one it was. The only other message I can remember was something along the lines of, "Help! I'm being held prisoner in a Game Boy factory!"
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And this appears to be a list of the codes, but it doesn't tell you what messages they display.
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Third time is a charm. From this page (which is for the Game Gear Game Genie, but it says the messages were the same for Game Boy):


1. Congratulations! You've found the easy secret! Now find the hard ones!

2. Help! I'm a prisoner in a Game Genie factory!

3. Game Genie built by: Richard Aplin code by: Jon the Programmer managed by: Paul Ranson [Game Gear]

3. Game Genie built by: Richard Aplin programmed by: R. Fred N. managed by:
Ted Carron [Game Boy]

4. Poems have, rhymes, sometimes.

5. There's rain outside, and that is why a, laundry day, needs a clothes

6. Washing, washing on the line, who's the fairest of the fine? Bluey

7. Provocation is not a job for amateurs.

8. 'Breezy':- Fresh air from the Alps! Comes in an easy-to-use aerosol can!

9. [Game Genie resets and displays an advertisement for itself, offering infinite lives and more power. Game Gear only?]

9. [This one isn't actually a message. Everything below the words "Code
Screen," but above the copyright notice, is flipped UPSIDE DOWN!! The codes
are still in their proper order, but the characters are upside down! Game Boy only?]
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Ah kind of disappointing, I was hoping for some sort of crazy Game Genie ARG or something that no one ever actually finished.
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