Which software do you use for minor digital video editing?
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Which software do you use for minor digital video editing? I'm wanting to crop and color correct a few .avi files on Win2k and/or WinXP, but I'm sure others would appreciate different systems and formats being represented.
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True confession: I'm writing on a book on it, but even if I wasn't I would strongly recommend for beginners or editors on a budget the new Premiere Elements from Adobe.

Premiere Elements is the little brother to Premiere Pro, one costs 99$, the other costs $699. But you know what? They both use the same code . Elements has removed some of the tools and there's some other stuff gone. But there's one thing Elements can do that Pro can't, which is make Dvd's with menus from within the program.
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Best answer: virtualdub is very light, often good for little touch-ups, and quite free
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Just messed with it to check for your specific needs - just open your AVI file, select Video --> Filter, add the "HSV Adjust" to do your color balance, show preview, select values, click OK, then click "cropping" once you're back at the filter list. Enter your cropping coordinates, and save.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'll check out virtualdub while convincing my boss to purchase Elements.
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