What are the metal blocky things on roofs?
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What are those blocky, meta-encased things on top of buildings?

Hi. I was on the train today and we are slightly elevated, and I'm passing all these buildings, and I can see their roofs. There are some things that are obvious. For example, there are those vents, that come up, curve around and have an opening. I can only assume they curve around so as to keep rain and snow out. But what are they venting?

But then I see these grey metal things that look like very large boxes. Sometimes there are two of them. Sometimes three. What are they? And how come some roofs have two and others, three? What purpose do they serve?

Thanks to you all.
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A little hard to tell from your description, but it's probably for air-conditioning.
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Yes, air-conditioning. They just installed two of those monstrosities on the roof of my boyfriend's building, completely blocking his view of the sky from one window.
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Besides air-conditioning units (which is the odds-on favorite here), depending on the building, they could also be generators, electrical access boxes, telephone boxes, etc. Really, any number of utility things that are better off outside the building than taking up space inside the building.
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Assuming you mean big commercial or apartment buildings, they might be air conditioning units, electrical boxes, water tanks, or the tops of elevator shafts.

For residences, it's usually just a/c.

The pipes are probably venting the toilets. Bigger ones might be venting kitchen fans.
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oops, this is the correct link for venting of der terlits.
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Swamp coolers!
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If they aren't HVAC related, I'd suggest that some buildings have really heavy masses on top to counteract swaying..
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Sometimes, cell phone companies use rooftops to put their antennae on. They're 3-foot tall rectangular prisms that tend to look like plastic blocks. They generally face about in several directions.
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Thanks everyone!
I am not an engineer,
and really was curious.

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If you're in New York they might be housing for rooftop watertowers.
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