Will my D.E.C. be useful outside of Quebec?
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Is a Quebec DEC in in Electronics Engineering Technology recognized by employers outside of Quebec?

I'm planning to go to a Cegep here in Quebec to do a 3-year DEC (collegial diploma) in Electronics Engineering Technology.

The program course list is similar to electronics technician programs in Ontario and BC, which seems like a good thing, since I plan to move to Ontario or BC some day. But since don't want to find out that my diploma isn't recognized by employers outside of Quebec, I need more data. So here are my questions:

1) If you found work outside of Quebec based on your career/technical DEC, or if you weren't able to find work, I would love to hear about it. Especially if you tried to find work in Ontario.

2) Also, where should I look to find data/statistics regarding Cegep graduates who find work in other provinces, or data on employers outside of Quebec who hire Cegep graduates?

I'd appreciate any help, insight or anecdotes.
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DECs are well recognized outside of the province, although I can't speak for outside of Canada. I had no problem working in my field in Alberta with a DEC. To be honest though once you've got some work experience under your belt employers will rarely do more than glance at your eduction.
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