What Should I Do With My Spare Monitor?
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I have a spare Dell 19" computer monitor lying around that I'm not using at the moment, does anyone have any ideas as to what I should do with it? (I'd like to re-use it somehow). Thanks, William
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Door stop? Kids computer? Second display?
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Is it an LCD? You could make a high def projector with it (check out the info at lumenlabs.com). Although 19" is sort of the large end of the range you can actually build a projector out of, and requires more costly lenses than something like a 15"
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If it can be situated nicely, and you have an old PC around, I'd turn it into a digital picture frame, of sorts.

Throw some free OS on an old PC, load it up with photos, and put some sort of slideshow software on it.

Bonus points if you set it up so can you can upload pics to it from one of your other machines. :)

Why do I think someone has already done this sort of thing?
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Get a generic tuner box and some bunny ears (or a coax splitter for cable) and you have an extra TV.
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Wall-mounted bathroom RSS reader. Nice for shaving time.
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One way to go really: Blub
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You could probably find a decent computer on craigslist for under $50. There's so much you could do with a second computer.
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You're one subsystem on your way to a MAME box.
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If it's an old CRT, you can turn it into a fish tank.
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