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I have two weeks and some cash. What do I do? Where do I go?

I graduated in December, and I just landed an awesome job. Because of some stuff that needs to happen (on their end) before I begin working, I won't start until Februrary 9. I already have a place to live, and there's nothing else that I really need to do before I start working.

I have some money saved up, and I want to do something besides bum around at my parents' house for two weeks.

What can I do with my time? Where should I go? I'm looking for any and all ideas. I have family in England, and a few friends throughout the country. All of my friends at home are either working or still in school, so whatever I do, I'd be doing it alone.

Obviously, the less expensive the better. I know Southwest has some good deals sometimes, and I live close enough to an airport that they fly from (Raleigh, NC). I'm not averse to flying or driving anywhere.
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Caribbean. Specifically Dominica or, perhaps a little easier to get to, Puerto Rico.
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We can probably provide a lot more specific advice if you can give us a budget - "some money" for some people means $500, $5000 for others. And you obviously don't want to blow all your cash right now, since you won't be paid for a bit, will have other costs, etc.

That said, mdonley's got my usual suggestion for this sort of query; the Caribbean provides a good "bang for the buck" where bang is defined as "interesting cultural stuff."
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It also depends a bit on how you like to travel. I don't dig the solo traveler thing very much, but if I did, I'd do either Caribbean, or go couch surfing in a major city that I haven't seen. Boston maybe, or NYC.
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Response by poster: Let's say I've got $1500, but that's flexible.
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Fly to Vegas. Drive to Death Valley. Pretty much, the winter and spring are the only time it's tolerable (I've been there all four seasons).
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Get an assload of supplies and go into the woods.
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Best answer: $1500 bucks you could setup a lavish 10 day vacation to Costa Rica.

I'd suggest flying into San Jose, renting a car (if you are traveling with people, take a bus if alone) to the West Coast.

Hit up Montezuma, Mal Pais (St. Theresa) and Tamarindo if you're into touristy crap. End up heading up to the Volcano at Arenal and finish back at San Jose.

If you're alright hosteling, you can do this trip for around 800 bucks. Invest the rest in shorting DJUSFN and turn your 700 remainder back into 1500 by summer (hah)

Go into work with a healthy summery glow and a new perspective on how life is outside of America
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I can't believe stratastar wrote that. I done scrolled down here to say the same-exact-thing.

I would already be riding a nice wave down there, or at least be on the plane. The only problem is that it's SO hard to come back.

Here's a suggestion for the Mal Pais / Santa Theresa area:



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I love cruises
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Best answer: I love cruises This one works.
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