Where can I study photography or journalism this summer?
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Help me find an amazing summer program in documentary photography, digital storytelling, radio production, creative writing or journalism!

I am in my late twenties and I have an liberal arts degree from a top-10 university. I just found out about the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and it looks incredible. I have the entire summer free, and I would like to pursue some kind of graduate-level studies in documentary photography or journalism. I would consider programs abroad.

Where should I look for self-contained summer programs along these lines? I am specifically seeking high-quality, rigorous programs that are NOT geared toward undergraduates. Ideas?
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Wait, what? Isn't what your looking for right there in your question? I thought Salt did summer programs.
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Er, you're.
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UCSB has had a documentary film summer program called Blue Horizons.
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The Maine Workshops sound like your cup of tea
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The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University has a number of summer programs.
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The BBC offers training in radio, TV and online journalism and production.
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Yeah, CDS has programs for a wide variety of folks - both in grad school and those with more life experience.
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BarefootWorkshops.org might be less advanced than you, but I thought I'd share the link just in case, and for others.
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Thanks for all of the suggestions! I contacted Salt. They do not have anything in the summer, but they recommend Duke for summer programs.
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