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Recommend me some good head to head games for the NES (aka: Famicom or old-skool nintendo).

My friends and I have had fun playing Dr. Mario head to head, and are looking for other games that let two players play at once, either in competition or cooperation. I like sports games okay, but some friends prefer otherwise, so help me build my library to keep everyone happy.

Kind of previously.
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Tecmo Bowl, or if you can find it, Blood On The Ice.
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Super rare (but super-awesome): Tengen Tetris (the one in the black cart)! Co-op tetris will open your eyes, my friend.
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Pro Wrestling. If not for the fun gameplay that for the engrish. "A winner is you!"
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Bubble Bobble and Ice Hockey! (The best part of Ice Hockey is making your little guys get in fights.)

I enjoyed Excitebike a lot as a kid. And Rampage is good fun.
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Super Dodgeball! River City Ransom!!
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seconding Bubble Bobble.
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Snow Brothers is strange and sort of funny. It has a weird rhythm to it that's easy to get into. A friend and I used to play it together a lot.
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Blades of Steel (hockey)
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Ice Climber and, as previously mentioned, Ice Hockey.

I don't think Excitebike allowed head-to-head play, but I might be wrong.
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Base Wars: Futuristic robot baseball weirdness. Instead of being able to tag someone out, you have to beat them in a fighting game-style robot battle. In league mode you can upgrade your robot players' equipment. If Base Wars is too gimicky for you, my favorite normal NES baseball game is Baseball Stars.

Gold Medal Challenge '92: One of various Olympic-themed games. Track and Field is the best known and most popular, but I prefer Gold Medal Challenge. It has a good mix of straight-up button masher events, and tricky timing events. It also has a fun marathon event where you update your speed for each leg every few events.

Double Dragon series (especially Double Dragon 2): Co-op beat-em-up games. The controls for DD2 were somewhat tricky but very effective considering the limited control options with only two buttons and the d-pad. If you want RPG elements, go with River City Ransom, and if you want more difficulty go with Battletoads.
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Guerilla War is a ton of fun co-op.
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oh! and I can't believe I forgot the original RBI Baseball. I hate playing, watching, and hearing about the sport but I still love this game.
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Smash TV!
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Oh, it looks like Excitebike is one-player only. Dang. Scratch that one then.
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Balloon Fight. Also great as a one-player game.
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Super Techmo Bowl, Ikari Warriors.
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Micro Machines was my favorite head to head NES game.

It has very different and very fun 2 player race option where the two cars appeared, overhead, on a single screen (as in, not a split screen) and the first player to get far enough ahead of the second player so that the car left the screen would get a point. Then the 2 cars would restart at the same spot. First person to 10(?) wins.

It sounds weird, but it really must be played to be appreciated.
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(the original Double Dragon for the NES wasn't two-player, except for its one-on-one "vs" mode.)

My suggestion, not yet mentioned: Spy vs. Spy.

My suggestions, already mentioned: Contra! River City Ransom! Double Dragon II!
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Crash 'n the Boys

It's vicious.
Games include drowning your opponents in a swimming match, hammer throw golf, and a straight up fist fight.
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There are several lists of faves here. I would highly recommend Super C, RC Pro-Am, Bases Loaded, and Skate or Die 2.
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Tetris 2. It's not really tetris, but if you're into Dr. Mario, it will scratch the block droppy versus itch.
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Excellent suggestions, all! I'll be taking this list with me to the flea market this weekend and trolling ebay after that.
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Put in another vote for Ice Hockey, or as I like to call it, "the finest hockey simulation ever created"
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