Fastforwarding subtitles?
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Does your DVD player display subtitles while fast forwarding?

I'm in the market for a new DVD player, and have had no luck searching for one of the best features of my ancient Cyberhome: it displays subtitles during 2x fast forwarding (great for zipping through required films for class). Has anyone used a currently available commercial DVD player that has this feature?
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No. I have never seen this in fact, and I've had five or six DVD players. I wish, though.
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It should be noted that a few prominent films, such as Downfall, have subtitles embedded in the video, not as a separate subtitle data stream, and those kinds of embedded subtitles will appear in fast-forward on all DVD players. Just pointing this out as it's apt to be a major source of confusion.
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I have a Yamaha DVD-S550 and it shows subtitles at 2x and 4x. I'd imagine the newer ones would be the same, but you could always bring a DVD with you to Best Buy and try it yourself.
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I know that the Philips DVP642 would do this at 2x and possibly 4x. I'm not certain about their more recent models.
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I could swear I remember seeing subtitles when going 2x speed on my Xbox 360 when watching The Wire a few months back. Of course, it's expensive to buy a '360 just for the DVD player and I could be mistaken on the subtitles as well. In any case, unless someone confirms or denies this in the meantime I will check it out when I get home.
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I almost forgot. I tried 2x on my '360 with This Is Spinal Tap and Sin City and both correctly displayed subtitles. I don't know whether these DVDs fit the type that crapmatic mentioned or not. Hope this helps.
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I have never seen this in fact, and I've had five or six DVD players.

Huh. It's a really common feature in my experience. Both of my previous players have had this ability at the 1.5x or 2x speeds. It's very useful, too.
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They were old JVCs, ellanea, if that helps you search for new models.
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