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I would love to hear about your favourite yoga podcasts, vodcasts and other downloadable lessons.

I have taken formal classes before, but they're not convenient for me right now. I'm at a beginner-intermediate level with plenty still to learn - I know the basics like the sun salute and warrior sequences but I'm not super-bendy. I would like to keep up a challenging yoga practice at home with the aid of audio or multimedia lessons.

I would prefer lessons which:

- Remain faithful to a recognised yoga tradition. Hatha or ashtanga would be great. Rainbow Moon's Naked Weight Loss Yoga? Yeah, not so much.

- Are free from hippy embellishments. Of course yoga is a spiritual and meditative practice, but I am seeking lessons sans whalesong, tie-dye or affirmations from Californian gurus. I focus best when I feel confident about dialing down my bullshit filter.

- Include frequent reminders about posture correction and practical advice about what each posture should feel like. (Preferably with more reference to muscles and joints than to energy and chakras). If I'm meant to be pulling my shoulders towards my knees, for example, I'd like to be gently nagged about it.

- Show competent people demonstrating the asanas. Some of the free lessons I found on iTunes are taught by people who bounce, wobble, over-reach, open their hips when they shouldn't and generally break all the rules I'm just beginning to learn. I don't want to pick up any more bad habits than I already have.

I'm interested in building strength and flexibility, and I value the mindfulness that comes from doing yoga every day. I would love to hear about the lessons you download and why.
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Tara Stiles. Great, practical stuff.
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Have you tried Yoga Today? 60 minute sessions streamed. Free. They seem not too hippy-dippy. If you don't like the one that they are offering, you can choose from their list.
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This may not answer your question specifically, in regards to readily available downloads as you've requested them. But the following may be useful anyhow.

There is a video of Tony Sanchez's sequence available as a torrent and by purchase via Amazon. This is based on the same very bare bones Hatha fundamentals (Ghosh lineage) as the Bikram tradition. Sanchez's interpretation of this, as demonstrated on video, is very clear and pragmatic. There is little discussion beyond the physical demands of the asanas (perhaps a reminder of breath now and then). Three participants demonstrate, at least one minor or advanced variation of each asana is offered.

Nicki Doane has a number of visual aides demonstrating the Ashtanga primary series. In my opinion, I've seen few yogis that are capable of such buoyant, clear, and powerful movement. I strongly recommend her material to anyone pursuing the very demanding discipline that is Ashtanga.
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Seconding Yoga Today, they are absolute pros, and in my limited knowledge, remain quite true to yoga fundamentals. They do, however, practice a variety of styles, and always incorporate a theme or "lesson" into the session (i.e., yoga for stress relief, yoga for mountaineering).

Overall, I think if you get to know the instructors, you will probably be impressed by their knowledge and instructional capacity.
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I was going to suggest Yoga Today also. Personally I prefer the classes led by Adi (the brunette) - I just find she's a little less new-agey woo woo than the other two. She's very ashtanga-based in her approach, too.
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Oh yeah... has been publishing instructional videos, free to view right on their website. I haven't watched through any of these but I imagine they're in line with what you've noted in your question.
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