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Where can I find a less expensive industrial version of the popular Klassik sliding door track system seen in Dwell mag and here?

Galvanized vs. stainless is fine. My preference would be to have an open track system where I would see the roller. The system will be used on an interior home sliding door separating two interior rooms.
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Ace Hardware has just the thing for $30.
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That looks like what my local farm and ranch supply stores sell as barn door hangers, available in a couple of sizes depending on how heavy the door is. Unlike the fancy one in your link, though, I think the barn door tracks don't come curved (though any good metal fabrication shop would be able to do that for you).
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Best answer: (Also, have you done a google search for "barn door hangers"? Some of the results look like they might work nicely for you, eg. this and this. The hangers run on barn door track, also available in many styles.)
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McMaster-Carr has a number of similar systems -- they keep wrecking my links, so just search for "Door Track" on their site. Some of them have a 600lb capacity.
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The Pioneer Woman used barn door hardware on a remodeling project and writes about where she got them. There are some nice photos here too.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your suggestions. We found just the right set!
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