How much to pay for an in-house nutritionist's writing?
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Any idea how much one would pay an in-house nutritionist for writing on the company website?

Obviously she'll get exposure, but will want some compensation for her contribution.
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We'll really need more information about what kind of work you're looking for.

As a writer, I know that anyone worth his or her salt expects much more than "exposure" for their time, labor, and expertise.
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People get new job duties without extra compensation all the time. If you want to pay extra for this new duty, that's fine (and good for you for being a good employer), but I don't think it's strictly necessary.
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She is on salary, but this would be an extra duty and perhaps done outside regular work hours (depending on time). Pay per word?
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I would say nothing too. If she feels that she has a stake in the success of the business, presuming this is part of the marketing side of the business (that is, you won't be selling her article) I would expect someone on salary to contribute.
If it is an ongoing commitment, then maybe some extra compensation or relief of other duties would be due.
In my experience, it is expected people will help out the marketing folk if it isn't onerous.
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Ok. Sorry, to clarify. I want to pay her and I'm wondering if anyone knows what the going rate is for an unpublished nutritionist to write on a website?
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"...done outside regular work hours... Pay per word?"

No, I don't think a per-word bonus is the right way of doing this. Just pay the overtime worked.
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Sorry for the snark. I was unclear as to what you were asking.

I would pay the overtime myself; it seems that would be easier than figuring out how many words were produced or creating a per-article fee.
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