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Im going to be getting a Nintendo wii and want to mod chip it, but I have some questions.

I don't know much about the wii modchip scene, and it is sortof confusing with all the different brands trying to promote themselves.
I will be getting a new wii, so from what I read the first gen mod chips wont work.
Whats the difference between them all?
wiikey2, wizard, and others.

I dont want to brick the wii, so which modchip would be the best going into the future?

Also, any recomendations for places in the Vancouver, BC area that do the installation would be great too.
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The Wii doesn't need a modchip. You can do it all through software. Check out WiiBrew.org
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A copy of Zelda, the Twilight Hack, the Homebrew Channel and Backup Channel will accomplish all you need sans modchip.
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Backup Channel Launcher
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Response by poster: So whats with all the mod chips?
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All the Wii modchips modify the circuitry of the board within the DVD drive.

This is how a normal Wii functions:

Disc goes in -> Wii talks to Disc -> Disc verifies that it is a legitimate and signed -> Wii is happy.

This is how a modded Wii functions:

Disc goes in -> Wii talks to Disc -> Modchip plays man in the middle and circumvents the verification process -> Wii is happy.

The advantage is that unless Nintendo goes on a crazy and intense witch hunt to find the modchips, they are relatively safe for two reasons: they are for the most part obscure and not worth the effort to hunt them out and the majority of people would stick to a soft mod (which can be ferreted out much easier) than a hard mod.

The chip I recommend to people is the Wasabi V3 pre-soldered to a Wii Clip. It's so easy to put in that anyone with steady hands and the basic ability to follow instructions can do it. I have great confidence that my computer illiterate friends could do it, so long as they were careful and followed the instructions.
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Response by poster: well, it looks like the wasabi v3 is not made anymore, its Wasabi zero now. Looking up the stats on them all, that one does seem to be the fanciest right now.
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Best answer: You may also want to check out the new Wasabi Zero (www.wasabizero.com). Supposed to be a good solderless chip. However, if you want to run homebrew you don't need a modchip. As others have said visit wiibrew.org for details (hackmii.com is also an interesting site). You can also read more on the scene and modding at maxconsole.com, tehskeen.com, gbatemp.net.
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Developments have been made in the last few months that allow you to do pretty much everything a modchip would do without having to crack open your wii. Twilight Hack + HBC = all of the quasi-legal homebrew access you'll ever need. Throw in the Gamma Backup Loader, and that will cover your non-legal needs as well.

The former comes with a near-zero risk of bricking, the latter is a little riskier, but as long as you read the instructions and pay attention, you should be fine.

Don't steal.
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Yeah, softmodding is possible with just a Wii-dedicated SD card and Twilight Princess. You'll have to look around for a package of programs and a walkthrough.

When you load backups, you'll just go the backup loader channel instead of the disc channel.
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