Where can I find this shirt?
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Can someone tell me where I can find this shirt? No amount of Googling is helping... perhaps you recognize it? I think it's related to Bioshock-- a video game. Thanks y'all!
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How I found it:

Put the image into TinEye.

Found a German link that in turn linked to the 2kgames T-shirt contest.

Found a jpeg of the design on the page with 'deadsucker.jpg' as the filename, and a reference to Threadless.

Searched Threadless for 'dead sucker.'
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Oh, but I should mention: it's sold out.
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I actually started from googling "Little Sister Bioshock T-shirt," ended up on a page of Google results that mentioned the Descent into Rapture Threadless contest in a blog entry, read the entry, determined that the shirt wasn't in the contest but was a general submission a couple weeks later, and was in the process of reverse-engineering the Threadless URL when Flib beat me to it. ;)
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(I work for 2K Boston)

Nitor: I could have sworn we did a bulk-order for that shirt sometime around ship, I know I've seen people wear it within the past week.

I *really* (really really) doubt there would be any left, but I'll ask ops tomorrow just in case.
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Threadless reprints old shirt designs all the time, so keep an eye out
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Also, you can leave your email address and threadless will email you when/if it is reprinted.

ps: why is she wearing the gas mask?
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Just checked with ops - we did place a bulk order for the design that won the Threadless Bioshock contest, but the dead sucker shirt was the runner-up.

Sorry, man.
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