Where to get Caña Legui in the US?
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About ten years ago, a colleague of mine from Argentina had me try some liquor called Caña (or Canha) Legui that he'd brought with him to the US. It was really good and I want to find a bottle here. Help?

It was a sweet, rum-based liquor, that tasted sort of like cream soda. I haven't been able to find it anywhere in the US, so I thought I'd give AskMe a shot. I've seen it for sale on a couple of e-commerce websites, but they are all based in Europe and the shipping charges to the US are pretty steep. I imagine there are import food-and-drink sellers aimed at South American expats and so on, but I fail at finding them.

I'm in southern California; a local source would be great, but an online service that ships to the US for less than an arm and a leg would work too. Any other suggestions would be helpful!
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There seems to be a bunch of Argentine stores in California. Here's a list of stores in North America: http://www.argentinaxplora.com/activida/producto/prodna.htm
Maybe you can call around and see if anyone's got it.

I am a proud Argentinian expat, btw :)
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