Calculus Tutor in the Houston area? Specifically Northwest Houston.
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Does anyone know a tutor in the Northwest Houston area for Calculus and (bonus points) for Physics?

I've come to the realization that I might need a tutor for when I have questions in Calculus. Since my dad passed away last March, I don't have anyone to instantaneously ask for Calculus help. Looking up things on the internet for hours is too slow and me staring at it for hours is also too slow. I use cramster and it helps, but even on cramster, I don't feel they do the job of explaining it in detail like "I" would want it. There are tutors about 20 mins away from me or so at my campus that I used to go to, but I'd ideally like just one on one tutoring at a house or something with a whiteboard/blackboard and all that good stuff.

Does anyone in the Houston area know a good, yet cost-effective tutor in the northwest area? I don't like the fact that I'd have to pay for a tutor regardless, but since my dad isn't here anymore... it's become increasing difficult as I advance up the Calculus ladder and now I'm in Calculus II. I live fairly close to where 290 and 610 meet. So inside the west part of the 610 loop is cool or up to like Highway 6 and 290 is cool too.

Bonus points if the tutor does University Physics I (cal-based) as well :)

Thanks for any suggestions you guys can give...

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Are you in high school or college? I'm guessing high school...since your dad was helping you out. (sorry about your dad, by the way). If I were you, I'd contact a local college/community college and ask the secretary of the math dept about tutors. I've never seen a college that doesn't have some kind of free program.
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Oh, no I'm in my third year of college right now. Close enough, lol.

Well, I would but it's far :\. The one I go to for the Calculus itself is a smaller location of the larger community college system that I go to (Cy-Fair or The smaller locations don't have much tutoring as I checked today, but it's for different maths other than Calculus.

Two of the bigger locations that I went to a semester or so both have tutoring and both have calculus tutoring. One is out of the question as it's 30 mins away and the other one is slightly closer at 25 mins. I just don't want to go that far for one question. And even then I don't know what questions I have until I work the homework and I don't like moving on to another section until I figure out that specific problem in the prior section.

Actually, might be able to help out no? The only thing with that is of course, I don't quite know the people on there and if possible would like someone that people have dealt with and have had a generally positive experience with. I know that's a lot of "don't likes and likes" but it's definitely what I'd feel the most comfortable doing.
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Go down to your school, or maybe even UH or Rice, and post a few flyers on bulletin boards. Offer a reasonable rate (say, ten bucks an hour) and you'll probably get some interest.

The other side effect of walking around these campuses is that there may already be ads for tutoring services up on bulletin boards that you can contact.
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Call DeBakey High School, ask to speak to one of the math teachers and see if they can recommend anybody. They have a working relationship with Rice and might know somebody.
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