Need Adobe Acrobat (8 or higher) help
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Need help from someone with Acrobat 8 Pro (or higher) to add "usage rights" to a simple PDF file

I have a simple form I created in Acrobat 7 Pro based on a Powerpoint document (I have no idea why he did it this way) that my professor used to create a form to be submitted for assignments. No problem, I thought, I'll just export it to a PDF, open it in 7 Pro, add form fields, and then people can use it (with the free Reader) to type in the info, save it, and submit it by email. But then I find out you can't do this in 7, and the resulting PDF will not allow typed in data to be saved by Reader.

I need help from some kind soul that can open this file in Acrobat 8 Pro or higher, enable Usage Rights to allow users with Adobe Reader to save a filled-in form. This is spelled out here:

If you can help me, please contact me via MeFi mail and I'll email you the file. Thank you!
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Best answer: AstroGuy, I'm MeFi mailing you...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies. I've had several offers to do this for me.
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