Where are the pages of statistics for smartletes?
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There are lots of pages that display portraits of professional and amateur athletes next to their statistics. Where can I find portraits and statistics/rankings of the people who compete in more intellectual/less physical competitions? I'd love to see what the best (and not so great) chess, scrabble, and crosswords players look like.
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Google image their name???
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Response by poster: I could do the Google image route for a few names, but I'm interested in seeing many photographs, not just one or two. I want to see whether people live up to their respective stereotypes.
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Best answer: Not exactly what you asked for, but here's the top 100 list for the US Chess Federation, and here are pictures of some of them.
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Best answer: The World Scrabble Championship is held every two years and was last held in 2007 in Mumbai (My dad participated! Whoo hoo!). The website for the championship has a page that lists each player along with their photo, their day job and past awards in tourneys. It is pretty fascinating.
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Best answer: gobase has a number of pictures of go players, from Abe Yoshiteru to Zhu Songli (and passing through Cho Chikun, Go Seigen, Michael Redmond, Takemiya Masaki, and many other well-known players). An essential resource for the go player.
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Best answer: If you haven't seen Wordplay yet, you definitely should. (Look under the tab for "the Players" on that site for portraits of five top crossword players.)
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