What is real in this world?
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Money and/or packaging that shows a picture of a real place?

I saw a really nifty bit of photo-fun (ads sometimes NSFW, usually bacon related) someone did with American money, and the buildings in DC that are on them, folding the bill up and aligning it with the real building. I'm wonder what other currencies, or product packages, one could take that kind of picture with.
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Someone who did this with souvenirs
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Some Scottish money has sketches of castles and landmarks on it that might fit your criteria. I can't google from where I am right now, but check out art from the Clydesdale bank & the Bank of Scotland.
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Here are souvenirs, and their real life counterparts in a Flickr stream.
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The Bank of Scotland £20 note - seen here features the Forth Road Bridge taken from South Queensferry - something like this.
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The Cambodian riel has drawings of Angkor Wat on them.
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