Looking for a good writing board
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Anyone knows a friendly forum where writers hang out discussing their craft?

I know of the Nanowrimo boards but I never quite liked them. The discussion there seems a little too geared towards fantasy, sci-fi and romance. Also it is so large I find it hard to filter out the useful discussions. All ideas appreciated.
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It's not a board but the Evil Editor's blog is hilarious and insightful. There's a pretty robust community of bloggers who comment there and I bet if you lurk a bit and follow links in profiles etc you'd figure out where those folks hang out when they're not commenting on Evil Editor.


(Mostly geared toward novels--maybe some memoir/creative nonfiction? I assume that's the craft you're talking about.)
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"The Well"? Salon bought it and boasts that writers hang out on there. I would think Blogspot would be an excellent community for writers.
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www.writers.net has some good folks (plus a cranky agent or two) but it is essentially unmoderated and there are some obnoxious trolls. I spent a fair bit of time there last year. The problem with forums is that you find yourself posting and not writing, and I'd rather write. The craigslist writers' forum is fun, with a lot of people posting snippets of work, but sothere's also lots of snark.

http://www.absolutewrite.com/ might be a better choice. Many forums and good advice. If I were active in forums right now I'd be there. But like I say, I'd rather write.
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The forums at Literature and Latte are very active.
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I'm a fan of AbsoluteWrite, myself.
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The Gazebo at Alsop Review. There's even a virtual pub where the writers chat.
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I think the Poets & Writer's Speakeasy is the largest/most active one of its kind (that I know of).
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I have a friend (published novelist) who swore by Backspace -- bksp.org. There's a reasonable membership fee, but real-live, published writers frequent their forums and are friendly and helpful.
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Readerville and The Backspace Writer's Forums.

What both of these places have in common is that you have real, live working, published, professional writers, agents and other publishing industry professionals hanging out there. You need to know your stuff, you need to have a professional demeanor, and you will be schooled if you do not and you act stupid. I was pointed to both forums from some of the forums previously mentioned in this thread when I was first beginning my career and finding the non-professionalism of those places frustrating. I was getting a lot of very bad advice from people who acted like they knew what they were talking about but did not.

Readerville is free, Backspace is not. You get a two week trial to Backspace to see if it's your cup of tea. Both are remarkably troll-free due to the professional culture of the forums.

Most professional writers, however, are busy writing and not hanging out on forums. If we're networking we're doing it in person and not online.
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